Are you a business owner who have been wondering when you will be able to afford a website for your business?

Do you always have to pay people every time you need to build a landing page?

Do you want to learn how to build website so you can increase your earning capacity? 

Will you like to build websites for people and charge between 80k to 250k per website? 

Do you know Nigerian government just built an e-ticketing website for 900M Naira?, what If I tell you I can build a website that will serve the same purpose for less than $300 (That's about 120k)?

Your income and expenses are proportional to your level of knowledge and ignorance.

Your ignorance will always cost you money no matter how much you try, but it is important to ensure that your knowledge is earning you more than your ignorance is costing you.

I earn between 50,000 Naira and 250,000 Naira for every landing page I create for my clients.

The variability in price is based on the product or service the page is about, the availability of content to put on the page, and of course who the client is.

It will surprise you that it doesn’t take me up to 1 hour to create a landing page when everything needed from the client’s side is supplied on time.

What this means is I can create more than one landing page per day.

It takes me an average of 4-5 hours to create a WordPress website from start to finish and I charge as much as 350,000 for one, this is dependent on the features the client wants on the website.

I am willing to teach this same knowledge to as many people as possible this month


I am about to re-launch the course “HOW TO BUILD A WEBSITE USING WORDPRESS” it’s a video course.

This 2 hours 45 mins course broken into 9 different videos will teach you how you can build your website and landing pages with WordPress.

The things you will learn includes

-Introduction to Content Management Systems
-Introduction to WordPress, Domain, and hosting.
-Host servers Technology (Web Servers and local servers)
-Database creation and connection
-How to install and create a WordPress site.
-Understanding the WordPress dashboard
-Understanding the settings on your WordPress site.
-Changing themes.
-Installation and configuration of plugins
-Securing WordPress
-Pages and Posts
-Creating a post with a featured image
-Creating and organizing menus


* This course comes with a bonus e-book on the same course. Worth 4,000 Naira

* a video on how to use Elementor to create your landing page. Worth 10,000 Naira

* Free access to asking me questions about this course and getting my help. Worth 10,000 Naira per hour.

This course is going for 10,000 Naira when it is launched at the end of February, but if you take action today you can enroll for this course at just 5,000 Naira.

This offer is only available to people who confirm payments before end of February. So take advantage of this right away by clicking Enroll below to Pay Now

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Once we get to 1st of March the link above will stop working and you will have to pay the 10,000 Naira price to be able to enroll.

Olajide Bamidele

Meet The Course Instructor

Olajide Bamidele is a certified social media marketer from one of the prominent European Online Learning organizations; he has a certification is content marketing from Hubspot Academy, a certificate in Digital Skills: Social Media by Accenture, Certificate in Inbound Marketing from Hubspot Academy, Certificate in ADword Fundamentals from Google Academy, he is a Certified Google™ Analyst (Platform Principles, Beginners and Advanced level) among others. Jide has trained several people in Tech development related training between 2012 and now both in Nigeria and the West African region. He has trained for several organizations including She Leads Africa, FATE Foundation, Grow With Google, Ibadan Business School, among others. He has worked with many organizations as regards Digital Marketing Across Nigeria, United Kingdom, United States and some African countries