Would you like to Double Your Profit with simple Tips on How To Use Social Media Like A Pro?

Are you one of many people who have been complaining of inability to convert their social media activities to sales and profit?

Then I have created a lasting solution to your problem.

These 41 pages is a 30-day guide to making you a complete master at the use of social media for sales and profiting.

Either you have a physical product or electronic products, skill, or gift you will like to convert to a source of income or you just want to gain influence using social media.

This book “30 DAY EFFECTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERY JOURNEY” is written just to take you from the lowest level of social media usage to be among the top in your industry.

In this book, you will learn

-How To Set The Right Goals And Objectives For Social Media Marketing.
-How To Overcome Self Doubt.
-How To Use Your Experiences To Your Advantage.
-How To Create Your Brand Statement.
-How To Identify Your Audience.
-How To Create A Compelling Content.
-How To Create Shareable Contents.
-Why Being Real Is Important On Social Media.
-The Importance Of Engagement And How To Do It.
-How To Amplify Your Content.
-How To Create Your User Persona.
-Why Consistency Is Key To Your Social Media Journey.
-Content Creation Ideas.
-How To Create A Content Calendar + Downloadable Template.
-I Will Share With You Some Of The Tools I Use For My Social Media Activities, Plus Screen Shots Of Other Apps On My Phone.
-Facebook Ads.
-Different Campaign Objectives, When and How You Should Use Them.
-Understanding Audience In Facebook Ads.
-How To Choose The Right Placement For Your Facebook and Instagram Ads.
-The Important Data From Your Social Media Activities (Analytics).
-I Will Share With You About A Dozen Engagement Strategies With You.

After reading this book and implementing the things I shared in the book, your social media activities will move from being a waste of time and data, to becoming an income-generating source.

The details in this book are worth $200 which is about 80,000 Naira today.

When I ran the details in this book as an email course it was given at 10,000 Naira.

The online video course of this content goes for 55,000 Naira.

I have been asked by many people to help subsidize this course in a way that everyone can afford it and that is why I have decided to create this 41 Page book.

As a result of the above, I am giving you this book ’30 DAY EFFECTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERY JOURNEY” because you are connected to me on social media for only 1,095 Naira if you are buying today. before I take it to the general public and leave the pricing to the mercy of demand and supply.

Don’t say I haven’t done anything for you in this season.


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